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    Nutritional Coaching

    Eat Well!

    Good food = Good mood.

    As many of us are aware, our eating habits play an enormous role in shaping the state and performance of our body. What we consume ALSO has a tremendous influence on the state of our mind. Let’s think of ourselves as an expensive car. The way we fuel our body and mind, is directly influenced by the type of fuel we give it. Our body and mind functions at its most optimal level when we eat a diet rich in nutrient dense foods (high octane/ premium fuel). Nutrient dense foods, such as vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, nuts and seeds, are loaded with vitamins and minerals that nourish the brain and the body. Eating a diet consisting of processed, sugary, “junk” foods, (low octane fuel) leads to inflammation, insulin resistance, stress, impaired brain function, and worsening of mental health conditions.

    When we eat well, we feel well! It’s really that simple! Healthy eating choices empower other healthy choices, creating a positive, self reinforcing feedback loop.

    The world of nutrition can be confusing and overwhelming, however. With new trends in nutrition changing daily, it can be difficult to know what to listen to and which advice to follow. Nutritional coaching can help you establish healthy eating behaviors for your body type, activity level, and lifestyle. Understanding what you eat, why you eat, and when you eat ,can help provide the foundation to build healthy, lasting habits for the future.

    Nutritional Coaching can include:

    • Nutritional Assessment
    • Individualized Nutrition Recommendations
    • Meal Planning Guide
    • Sample Meal Plans
    • Food Journal Review
    • Children and Family Nutrition Planning
    • Nutrition for Athletes
    • Nutrition for Chronic Illness and Mental Health
    • Ongoing Consultation